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Share Lee Hyuk-jae is better known by the stage name of Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk is very emotional in nature. His childhood friends call him as crybaby. From childhood Eunhyuk is very shy. Now Eunhyuk loves to eat though he has stomach aching problem. The couple broke up because of a single incident. They broke up after 2 years of relationship.

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If you are dating, engaged, or married to someone know communication is key. You were getting close to a male coworker that had a crush on you. However, you made sure he knew that you were taken. Why, of all males you worked with, did you have to be friend the one who openly told you he liked you. He gave you the cold shoulder for the next few days.

Great timing as it was your anniversary and you two were still in a cold war with one another.

Feb 24,  · Eunhyuk, Shindong and Donghae also made some of Super Junior ‘s dance routines. In , Donghae co-starred again with his band mate Siwon, in the Taiwanese television drama Skip Beat! with Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen where Donghae plays the antagonist, Bu Shang Po and often clashed with the character played by Siwon.

Donghae initially wanted to become an athlete, but under the influence of his father, who once desired to become a singer, Donghae decided to train himself to become a singer. He was then recruited into a five-member boy band Smile, with future band mate Leeteuk , but the idea was soon dropped. In , Donghae- along with Leeteuk- was put into another boy band and formed Super Junior with eleven other trainees. The group later became known as Super Junior 05, the presumed first generation of the rotational music group, Super Junior.

On the 8th of August , Donghae’s father died due to cancer. The event still proves to be a difficult memory for him due to the close relationship they shared. In Super Junior’s 4th Album , Donghae’s thank you is dedicated almost entirely to his father. Their debut performance attracted over fans and also garnered oversea viewers from both China and Japan. A full studio album was released a month later, which debuted at 3 on the monthly MIAK K-pop album charts.

However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations. The group dropped the suffix “05” and became officially credited as Super Junior. The re-polished group hit big after they released their first CD single ” U ” the following summer, which became Super Junior’s most successful single in the music charts until the release of ” Sorry, Sorry ” in March

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At one SuJu fan signing, you thought you were going to be another fan that meets Super Junior. Yet, Donghae thinks differently. After weird encounters with this Kpop Star, he starts to spend crazy amounts of money on you. He starts to expect you will give him something in return. Long This part includes:

Coincidentally, the two of you met through Lee Donghae. – It was the night of their first comeback concert after Eunhyuk’s military service and Donghae had invited you to come watch. In your head it was just any other concert, but little did you know that Donghae had other motivations.

Finding out that Yesung liked you probably gave him a minor heart attack. You were his little sister by more than a few years, meaning that you were also younger than Kyuhyun. Protecting you and your feelings was in his best interest – despite his reputation. You dating his friend meant that you were officially not his baby sister anymore – that terrified him. After a while, he would give Ryeowook the okay.

You guys will be adorable together – I just know it! He would just coo and nudge the other members – thanking everything holy that you ended up with someone who you deserved. Eunhyuk knew that Donghae was a good guy and trusted him completely.

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Shipping is a big part of K-pop fan culture, and its devotees run the gamut of casual shippers who merely think that bromance between their preferred OTP is just cute, to hardcore fans who genuinely believe that their OTP is real and will fervently argue against anyone else who thinks otherwise. Speaking objectively, shipping is a very strange phenomenon: Another point of controversy involving same-gender shipping within the K-pop fandom is the inherent contradiction between widespread homophobia within Korean society and the inherent pro-gay nature of same-gender shipping.

It was later revealed that Donghae was the one who gave it to Eunhyuk: when Eunhyuk wanted to sleep over at the dorms and asked Donghae for a shirt he could wear to sleep, Donghae picked up a random shirt and tossed it to him, without knowing whose shirt it was.

October 15, Age: East Sea , is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is a part of the thirteen member South Korean boyband Super Junior. He is one of the four lead dancers alongside fellow band members Eunhyuk, Shindong and Leeteuk, and is part of its subgroup, Super Junior-M. Donghae is also one of the first four Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps. Donghae was born in Mokpo, Jeollanam on October 15, Donghae initially wanted to become an athlete, but under the influence of his father, who had a wish to become a singer, Donghae decided to train himself to become a singer.

Choi Si Won

He has an older sister Lee So-ra. Raised in a family that struggled financially, he was interested in street performing as a child. Inspired by the likes of H. However he failed the audition in and entered again the following year and got in as a trainee. He began training in singing, dancing, acting, and had brief Mandarin Chinese language courses. He was also scouted with an interview offer from a top modelling agency in Seoul , yet declined due to contract issues.

Some people accused you of dating Heechul or Donghae, but then someone else in the crowd would tell them to stop being stupid. As soon as you arrived inside, you looked back and heard everyone screaming, pushing forward to get a closer view of the four stars.

Leeteuk, which teacher are you thinking of now? There are many, I still keep in touch with them, and when I go back home, sometimes I will visit them. But there was a teacher that treated me quite badly, my impression of him is very strong. Now, thinking about it, do you still miss him? The Pains of Being Sick Leeteuk: There really is some sort of fearful feeling.

Lying there thinking of calling someone, but there is nobody around. When I was 20 and spending my coming of age day, it really was a depressing day. What was the most important thing? No, it differs from person to person….. On the bus on my way home, I searched my phone book, I was thinking it would be better to call my Noonas girls that are older. Just because of a KISS? So I called my noonas asking what they were doing, 2 of them said they were at home.

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Musical career[ edit ] — Formation and debut[ edit ] In , SM Entertainment held their first overseas casting auditions in Beijing , China and recruited Hankyung , who auditioned against three thousand applicants. Sungmin and Donghae became trainees after jointly winning first place in an SM-sponsored contest in

Donghae & Eunhyuk – MOTORCYCLE Posted on June 5, August 17, by dragonshine Donghae (동해), Eunhyuk (은혁), JAPANESE, SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어).

This is a compilation. We tried to arrange these under categories but randomly, so what you are reading may be from a memory when he was still very young or a few years back or in the present or for the future. Because I am Kim Heechul. I will try and live with freedom without opposing any principles. My beauty never loses anywhere. Being with me will give the person a sense of achievement. Before I debuted, there were people who tried to attract me.

I will ask them directly: Do you like me? If not, be careful of your actions!

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Your dad got married at my age right. Yes, he was 28, my mum was Eunhyuk, recently what book are you reading? What a terrific book title. When I was reading I gave myself a little test, to see how many pages I can read before falling asleep. Today we had a meeting of the 86 line, about ten were there.

El vídeo en blanco y negro muestra a Donghae y Eunhyuk preparándose para grabar una canción. El sonido instrumental de piano que se escucha probablemente no esté relacionado con la canción, pero podemos verles a ambos dos llevar el ritmo con la cabeza.

LilShiro-chan10 Donghae is jealous over Siwon over flirting with Eunhyuk. They’ve been like it for days but Donghae hasn’t said a word about it. But when Siwon kisses Eunhyuk, on the lips, right in front of Donghae in a live concert, Donghae finally explodes. If he was bomb, he would explode Donghae inhaled and fixed his clothing. It was the day of the concert in Seoul, South Korea.

It was good being back in Korea and they were happy about it. But Donghae was both nervous and happy about the concert. He’s just hoping that nothing will go on between Eunhyuk and Siwon. He doesn’t want anything to happen. He feels like Eunhyuk’s relationships with him has been weakening a lot lately.

Suju: Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk dancing with Fx Victoria