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As the living Word, Jesus was with God in the beginning. He created all things and is the light of the world, and yet was not received warmly by those who should have welcomed Him with open arms. When Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, how did they get there? Joseph walked; Mary rode a donkey c. They took a chariot d. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?


But what about the step which comes before getting to know someone? The step of meeting someone who may be a potential life-partner. Hello online world of dating, and hello Love Story!

For Reflection “The true marriage of Bahá’í is this, that husband and wife should be united both physically and spiritually, that they may ever improve the spiritual life of each other, and may enjoy everlasting unity throughout all the worlds of God.

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Boyd is in quite a hurry to sweep church history under the rug in order to get on with his multi-explanations of what “in the Name of” could mean. He unilaterally declares that there is not “one shred of evidence” over the introduction of a new baptismal formula in church history. He remarks that the early church “quibbled” about a good many issues, but the use of the Trinitarian formula was not one of them. Amazing how all these raging Godhead debates and Councils have now been reduced to a “quibble.

What is the original wording of Matthew ? His two previous works are “I NEVER SHALL FORGET,” the story of his own spiritual odyssey, and “WHAT JEHOVAH SAID” a thorough expose of the Watchtower cult from an Oneness perspective. Rev. Drysdale’s radio program, VOICE OF TRUTH, is a popular question and answer broadcast in Central Florida.

But who may abide the day of his coming? But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings rays of light ; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. There WAS war in heaven: Michael and his ang- els fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his ang- els, mighty ones The kingdom of YHWH cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here!


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A: According to radioactive dating methods, the first humans, whom scientists call Cro-Magnon man, lived from about , years ago to today. Neanderthals were descended from Cro-Magnon man and lived from /, years ago to 35/30, years ago.

Bible Query from Matthew Questions that are common to both Matthew and other gospels are discussed in Matthew or else are in the Gospels section. In Mt, what are some of the distinctive elements of this gospel? Matthew emphasizes Christ the Promised King, who ushers in the kingdom of God and is the fulfillment of the law. Christ is the fulfilled hope. Of all the gospel writers, Matthew is the one who shows the most how Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled in Christ.

Jesus is the “type” of Israel, and some see Matthew using Midrashic techniques familiar to Jews of this time. As for false religions, Matthew In Mt, how were some of the prophecies mentioned in this book about Christ? Rachel weeping for her children at Rama Jeremiah Prophecy about Zebulun and Naphtali Isaiah 9: Paying Zechariah 30 silver pieces and giving them to the potter Zechariah Matthew, more than the other Gospels, was written to a Jewish audience that was familiar with the Old Testament, and with Midrashic methods.

The early church writer Papias wrote that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew, not Greek.

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On Manesh’s “Persia’s future”: Dear Manesh, There is no future for ‘Persia’ because Persia no longer exists. It hasn’t existed for the majority of the 20th century and currently continues to not exist-excuse my awkward phrasing. If you are speaking about the country known as Iran, I think its political difficulties go far beyond ‘Mossadeghhis’ and monarchists. While I can appreciate and support the message of reconciliation and mutual understanding on the part of the opposition that seems to be the point of your article, I think it is time that we start refering the the country by its official name of the past 70 years I am pretty sure its called IRAN , and its inhabitants by their logically derived name, Iranians when we talk about how to bring about change.

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Their example often reaches far and wide. Fortunately for him, Fr. Born in in Gorlice, Poland, he grew up about miles east of the city of Wadowice, the birth place of Pope St. Gorlice is also located about 80 miles northeast of Krakow where St. John Paul II then Fr. Karol Wojtyla carried out his ministry as a priest, bishop and cardinal. His only other sibling, a brother, is also a Catholic priest residing in Poland. When we were kids, my brother and I loved to cantor and serve Mass.

He attended public elementary school in Gorlice which like all public schools in Poland, was Catholic. That included four years of music school.

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Meet single Bahá’ís – Join now! Welcome to We are proud to be celebrating 10 years on the net! In that time many couples have married and we now also have children born from these unions.

In Christian theology , “wisdom” Hebrew: Sapientia describes an aspect of God, or the theological concept regarding the wisdom of God. Paul the Apostle states that worldly wisdom thinks the claims of Christ to be foolishness. However, to those who are “on the path to salvation” Christ represents the wisdom of God.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible primarily focuses on wisdom, and was primarily written by one of the wisest kings according to Jewish history, King Solomon. Proverbs is found in the Old Testament section of the Bible and is written in a sort of poetic way, giving direction on how to handle various aspects of life; one’s relationship with God, marriage, dealing with finances, work, friendships and persevering in difficult situations faced in life. And through God’s wise aide, one can have a better life: Solomon basically states that with the wisdom one receives from God, one will be able to find success and happiness in life.

For example in the area of good and bad behaviour Proverbs states, “The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, But He loves him who pursues righteousness Proverbs In relation to fairness and business it is stated that, “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, But a just weight is His delight” Proverbs

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