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I got carried away. Also, for the record, I am completely opposed to the “no dating” rule for idols. Probably didn’t seem that way in the blog though. We all heard about it. Even among us fans, it caused controversy. There were a lot of fights. Some wanted to berate Minami and support the no dating rule and others like me were supporting Minami and speaking out against the no dating rule. Japan will be under heavy focus since I know the Japanese music industry the best. When it comes to how the countries and foreigners of course perceive their idols, fan of Japanese music and fans of Korean music see them in very similar ways. J-idols and K-idols are treated very similarly.

Dating a Big Girl??? BTS’ Jin and Lee Guk Joo Rumors

A fight for contract termination might occur There seems to be another one. This time, it’s a big company A and a very famous idol group member B. B is currently speaking up to withdraw from his group. Because of B, A has stopped all of the group’s promotions. A never had contract controversies, so they’re trying to persuade B to keep their good image as a company.

6 days ago · K-Pop is a very competitive market nowadays and idols are extremely busy and don’t have much time to spare for meeting others and dating. But the holiday season is coming up which is a time for love and bonding, and we wouldn’t want our idols to miss out!

Reblog The Dino Situation. Okay, so I felt like I had to get my opinion out there on this. Before I start, I need to say a few things. Let me start by getting this out of the way: There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. They are people just like you, and you have no right to control their private lives.

Who has girlfriend in BTS and who?

That is why despite watching their every move, idols are prone to dating scandals, attitude controversies and so much more. It’s almost impossible to find a Kpop idol who was never involved in anything. But recently in a forum, fans picked the popular kpop idol with zero scandal, and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun perfectly fitted the bill. Despite being active with GG for almost nine years, the maknae remains to be sparkling clean.

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It was when I was in middle school. They offered Chinese classes at my school and I was taking them. I had been taking them since sixth grade. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade. In two months, I would be in eight grade. My parents and two of my friends parents got together and decided to go to China. My friend, Maddy, was half Chinese and half Caucasian. They wanted her to go connect back to her roots.

It was Mia, Maddy, and I, along with our parents going to China. I was twelve then, Mia and Maddy were thirteen. I was born in December while they were born in the earlier months. I think it was back then. We went to China and it was great.

Secret Love Life: Here’s Why KPop Idols Date In Secret

Believe me when I say I actually thought about this for quite some time. And I still love them all bit by bit. So without further ado: Ryeowook also screams virgin in my mind.

Probably every KPOP Fan in the world knows it. Taeyeon and Baekhun are dating! The many issues and rumours at the beginning turned into a really big thing now.

Sometimes its just the rumor of two idols dating that can send More recently KPop fans came to the realization that the members at 2: By Rahat Iqbal on July 31, 0 Comments. With the idol couples kpop idols dating thursday Can you name the idols from kpop groups. Here are the 20 beautiful KPop idols turned Dating Agency: My goal is to date a famous Kpop star. The reason why all idols are dating 1. I’m OK as long as they don’t hint it.

It’ll be very shocking if their relationship gets revealed after.

9 Idols That Have Never Ever Had Dating Rumors or Scandals

Some could be true and some could be just be rumors. Honestly, no one can be as clean as him. Why did you buy that for him? OMG are the stalkers or something? Fuck, even at this hour of the day? They must be really something.

Feb 19,  · it’s just part of the brainwashing and marketing. that’s why like if I ever tell fans “such and such idol is dating” or idol has a girlfriend or boyfriend they will get angry or instantly tell me to stop until news breaks that said idol has someone. they act like they own these people.

Don’t forget to comment who you get Hope you enjoy Inbddad videoIn love was in the air as couple after couple confirmed their relationships publicly. This past year was a big year for dating. KPop idols are always swept up in dating rumors with fellow stars. However, there a a few stars whose love lives fall under the radar, and we don’t hear anything. Fans and Idols Dating. April 21, ; Morgan; 25; However, this is what is encouraged, or at least not discouraged, in the Kpop.

Sandara Park Talks About Recent Dating Rumors with G-Dragon

For example, staffs, coordi noona, make up artists, stylists, etc. Now you know ; these insiders are scattered all over social networking sites exposing their idol’s secrets. Lucifer era, and the time when they are mc-ing together.

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You can help by adding to it. February Seven began training under the management agency YG Entertainment at the age of fifteen. After four years of training in singing and dancing, he made his debut in with “Come Back To Me”. He then released his debut album Just Listen on March 8, MNET described Seven as a super rookie who could only stand against Rain , although the two were friends back in their high school years, alongside Boom.

YG Entertainment and Seven also took necessary steps to ensure his debut such as trademarking his name in America. Three of his U. The music video for “Girls” was also released on Myspace that same day. Korean comeback[ edit ] Seven made an official comeback in Korea after a 3-year long hiatus on July 31, with his 1st mini-album “Digital Bounce.

Seven began his follow up promotions in October with the song ‘I’m Going Crazy’ which featured his longtime girlfriend Park Han-byul as the main actress in the music video. Throughout his comeback, Seven attended many variety shows and even featured in fellow labelmate 2NE1 ‘s hit reality show 2NE1TV, where he described his hardships in America and his hiatus.

Seven ended his promotions on the October 30,

Ailee and DMTN’s Simon Refute Dating Rumors

When you have a product and idols are just that, products you have to make people believe they need said product and therefore that they can have it, even if they can’t; this is called ‘the factor of attainability’. For companies, this translates into profit: They will have to start thinking in how to manage the Media incomes, how they will want the relationship to look in the public eye cross-coordinating if both happen to be in the industry not to mention, dealing with breakups that have the potential to get very ugly, very quickly and it could end a career easily enough.

It’s a lot of work, and it’s a lot of money too. The pressure of a public relationship vs. A secret one, is pretty much the same, which is a lot.

Back in , rumors ran rampant justifying that the K-pop idols are dating causing both SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment to step in on the matter. Still, netizens will believe what they want to believe as one year later the Taeyeon dating G-Dragon rumors circulated the internet again.

Benji laughed as the conversation continued on till they asked him about playing. I remeber when She played the violin here when She was still a solo artist. He was mesmerized at how you can play the violin. Just by hearing you play he knows he can never try doing something like. He can clearly hear ever beat you made as the rhythm changed. Map6″ Once he yelled the name out a group of boys came out wearing green shirts.

After the introduction and making fun of Mr. They say hi as they bow down saying please except us.

K-Pop Idols Dating