Shinybow USA SB-6335R4/T4 KIT Instruction Manual

Industry Glossary T1 A particular designation for a fast form of connection, by phone line, to the Internet. T1 bandwidth is roughly 1. There are also Fractional T1 lines. A T1 line can send a gigabyte of information in less than 10 seconds. It has the capability of many simultaneous between hundreds and and several hundred, depending on what each connection is doing and how much of the resource they are using “conversations” or connections within. T1 supports voice, data and video at different frequencies on the same connection. T1 is a “full time connection” as opposed to dial-up.

55 Used Campervans and Motorhomes for Sale in Lancashire

All features and specifications are subject to change. From the day the Dynamax brand originated, a progressive vision has set these prestigious vehicles apart. Built to perform at a higher standard of excellence that goes beyond what meets the eye, Dynamax is driven by an unending pursuit for precision and quality inside out and in-between. Over the years, legendary product integrity and customer loyalty have combined to build a powerful brand.

The foundation for success has been simple. Start with a solidly engineered OEM cab chassis platform and concentrate on building a cohesively engineered muscle car style coach on it.

The T4 of course has a longer nose than the T3. That’s to accommodate the FWD engine layout and to give your patellas something other to do than act as crush space in an accident.

Furniture Miscellaneous If only two people will be using the van you’ll have more then enough room to play with. If three or more souls are going to travel on board, the first thing to consider is having enough seats for everyone. Remember that seats have to be certified and equipped with legal safety- belts. How many beds will you need? You can consider a double bunk bed for the kids or if you have a high-top roof, a drop down bed on the roof level can be a neat solution.

At this stage you should have a blueprint of your basic layout, because it’s important to know what goes where when you build your own camper. You will improvise later on of course, but it’s a lot easier if you have everything in on paper right now. Click here to share a review with some tips and ideas of your home build camper van with visitors to this page!


Inside is smaller than most campers the whole thing is the same length as an E class Merc estate. Fold down bed downstairs is a good size though, ditto the pop-up roof. I thnk the rear bench can actually be removed too though never tried it. I did the half arsed version with a med high 2. Apart from that was great 32mpg ish.

Need to know what wire goes to a smith & jones modle compresser motor..p1 p2 t2 t3 t4 t5 tto what wire black white green There is a green black and white my the smith jnes compresser there is p1p2 t2 t3 t4 t5 twere do they go to witch wire to what.

A very clean, tidy and well maintained example of this popular and sought after AutoSleeper 2 berth VW hightop conversion. The Topaz offers a very flexible living space, having swivel front seats, two tables and three bed options of two singles, small double or large double. The original and legendary Autosleeper build quality is easy to see and even at this age a high level of standard equipment is present, including gas heating and hot water, onboard fresh and waste water tanks, fridge, hob, grill, mains v and charging systems, LED lighting upgrade.

A full washroom on a VW T4 is a rare find, with enclosed toilet, vanity sink and shower. Up front is the dependable VW 2. The current owners of 6 years have toured extensively with this Topaz and kept up to date with maintenance, including a cambelt change at , miles. It comes with hookup cable, gas bottle, ramps and cab insulation screens, while outside we have a removable bike rack, wind out sun canopy and Movelite driveaway annexe. All in all a neat and complete package, a proper campervan ready to go.


The only problem was how to transport our boxer dog to and from Cadiz. Both of us did not like the idea of putting Bruno in a plane or leaving him in a car on a boat. We thought about purchasing a motorhome, but we were put off with the expense of them.

I nstal lation i nstructions for retrofitting a cruise control regulator in the Transporter T4 TDI from model year on) ET no.7D0 Nofe; Due to the safety regulations which apply to .

Enhanced antenna design combined with high gloss rounded dome provide for unmatched signal strength, especially in inclement weather. With an ultra-small footprint of just Generally, coverage is limited to the continental United States. Coverage may be available outside of the United States but will be limited. Do I need to go through all receiver setup steps every time I use the antenna? As long as the receiver configuration has not been altered since last usage, no re-configuration is necessary.

If the configuration has been changed by connecting the receiver to a different antenna, re-configuration may be necessary and instructions can be found in the user guide or online at www. What satellite providers and satellites work with the RoadTrip T4 antenna? The RoadTrip T4 antenna is compatible with the following: What are my options?

DISH offers pay-as-you-go programming.

Where can you hide an electric hook up?

I always assumed pipe and tubing were the same for measurements but have forgotten the “schedule” of pipe thickness comes into play. Tube is measured by outside diameter, pipe is measured by inside diameter. There is often confusion as to which size die the customer actually needs – Pipe Size or Tubing Size. Keep in mind that pipe size refers to a nominal – not actual – inside pipe diameter. Schedule refers to the pipe’s wall thickness.

The actual physical OD is larger than it’s nominal OD.

Case Drain & Motor Return Tractor Connection Guide For Great Plains YP Planters and Air Drills This Guide Contains Information For Connecting Great Plains YP Planters and Air Drills With Continuous Flow Fan Motors to John Deere, Case-IH, New Holland, Massey, AGCO, Challenger, & Fendt Tractors.

The previous documentation on www. These will cause the “completed” pictures at the end of each stage to be slightly different, due to the layout changes between that version and the currently documented production version. The kit, therefore, is not compatible with the Mobo series of add-ons, since they depend upon the plug and socket arrangements of the RXTX V6.

The kit comes in five versions, corresponding to five “super-bands”: If you are not certain of which band option you wish to build, check out the discussion in this thread on the Yahoo Softrock40 reflector. Once you have decided on your band choice, you can select the band by clicking on the “Bands” tab at the top of any page on the Ensemble RXTX website. This will customize these notes and theid component values for the selected band option.

The band selection will hold for the duration of your “session” on the website and while in the Ensemble RXTX portion. Get in the habit of checking the header on each page to be sure your band selection is still in effect. In fact, the kit can also receive any HF signals within the installed “super-band”. The kit provides an Atmel AVRMicrocontroller on-board, programmed to act as a USB device and installed in a galvanically isolated section of the board.

Achange from the earlier transceivers is the addition of jumpers on board to switch the ring and tip assignments of RX and TX I and Q signals.

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If you’ve not owned one before, there are many factors to consider. Camper vans are expensive, and the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ tends to apply. There are two main ways to minimse the price: Before you buy, take a good look at what’s available. Camper vans aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ product. There are various different layouts, and many possible extras which you might, or might not, find useful.

Dec 22,  · Fuel Sender Gas Line Hookup What I have discovered (and it seems to have been reported before) is that the supply line is 3/8″ and the return line is 5/16″. The sending unit on my fuel tank has a 5/16″ supply line and a 1/4″ return line.

We have bills for the Cambelt kit being replaced in and also a replacement gearbox fitted in the same year. It drives extremely well, no turbo to go wrong and is the safest engine variant to own. The exterior of the vehicle is extremely tidy for the year with no damage or any rust anywhere. Two side windows both with slide opening and privacy glass. This has nice black and red upholstered foam and up front are matching covers for all three seats.

The camper, therefore has seatbelts for four passengers. It is fully lined and carpeted inside, has linoleum flooring and a full set of curtains. It benefits from having v hookup, 12v leisure battery, interior lighting and plug sockets. Bespoke surf board style removable table and leg Running down the rear drivers side is a full length cupboard which houses a good size sink and a two burner gas hob. This is a basic homemade cupboard, no frills but It does the job!

You can use this as it is, or if you wanted a smarter interior, this would be extremely easy to remove and replace. There are plenty of companies here on Ebay that sell ready made cupboards.

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High-capacity axles, advanced transmission control and ultra-efficient power engines are housed in a chassis size to match your business needs. Using cutting-edge and multi-patented HI-eSCR technology, the Cursor 9L and 13L powerplants breathe clean, fresh air for optimal combustion and deliver a significant performance advantage. With EPM, the T9.

T5 T4 T3 T2 T1 B24 B23 B22 B21 B20 B19 B18 B17 B16 B15 B14 B13 B12 B11 B11A B25 B26 B27 B28 B29 B30 B31 B32 B33 B34 B35 B36 B37 B38 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 Full Hookup 50 Amp Full Hookup Premium 50 Amp Concrete/Patio Water & Electric 30 Amp Full Hookup Pull Thru 30 Amp Full Hookup 30 Amp Dump Station Propane Restrooms Shower Laundry Swing Set.

They need you to do a workaround, by using the mppt connection for the alternator, and involves putting a relay in as well, so they are BEHIND the curve on this one in my opinion. The Ring has a display, and does solar as well out of the box and has a temp probe for the leisure battery. It also has different charge routines for gel,agm etc and has a sleep mode. It is also a 3 stage smart charger doing bulk, absorption and float with these voltages alter able to your bat manufacturers recommendations.

The Ring will charge a ah leisure bat fully and properly from flat in a 30minute drive. The Sterling unit does float etc, as well as different bat types as per the Ring, BUT solar hookup is an extra unit, and a remote panel is available, but at quite a cost and doesn’t look nice in my eyes. The Sterling will probably charge a ah batt to full from flat in the same time. In the end you pays your money, and you takes your choice. I had to educate mine! As he thought it was only the euro 6 engined vehicles, and he is doing work for a VW dealership 2 in fact , not realising it affects the euro 5 spec T6 as well!

SCARY is not the word! Oh, and I had to be forceful!

VW T4 Transporter DVLA Registered Campervan 2.5TDI LWB Camper Conversion