Where possible, make a U-turn: Britain’s worst sat nav fails, in pictures

Share this article Share To use the app, a user simply needs to place their phone on the dashboard and secure it in some way, enabling the app to beam a visual of the road onto the windscreen along with their speed and distance until the next potentially dangerous turn. The free iPhone app taps into Google Maps to get its location information. It allows users to pre-load routes before they embark on their journey so the Hudway app does not need to be constantly connected to the internet. App users can also save and share their routes Sharp turns are highlighted in red and road markers are displayed every 50 metres to help drivers measure the distance before the next big turn, which is designed to be particularly useful in severe fog or at night, when visibility can be restricted in dimly lit areas. Critically, the Russian start-up says that an internet connection is not required for the duration of a car journey as users can set up a route on the app and pre-load a map from Google before they embark on their journey. The Hudway app adds an augmented reality element to the windscreen without users having to spend a penny, as the app is free and no special glass coverings are needed The company said: Especially it’s not safe in low visibility conditions – rain, fog, heavy snow, night or just dark. According to the World Healthy Organisation, people die every day across the globe as a result of low visibility conditions on the road. The Hudway app also allows users to save routes and share them with friends and an Android version is scheduled for February , Dvice reported.

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Phones iPhone sat-nav apps tested: On your bike iPhone sat-navs are burning up iTunes, but how do they stack up to testing? We mounted our bicycles and hit the open road to pit them against each other and the free alternative, Google Maps by Flora Graham October 19, 4: Instead, we brave the mean streets on buses, Underground, trains and bikes, and while we rarely get lost down the Tube , we do sometimes need a little help when we’re walking or cycling somewhere new.

We strapped on our helmets and took three of the most popular sat-navs for a test run around the concrete jungle to find out which was the best — or at least the best of the worst.

The CoPilot Caravan, costing £, is the only sat-nav app to gain a five-star rating, and it’s Practical Motorhome’s winning sat-nav app in ! Waze, free – Four stars Think of a bizarre cross between a sat-nav system, Facebook and Twitter, and you pretty much have Waze.

You get all this even if you are offline. It is quite a package. Functionalities such as speed warnings, street sign displays, 3D-view isometric and much more are of course included. All these functionalities are available online and optionally offline see below. Avoid being caught up in traffic jams and make a detour round construction sites. This optional upgrade provides you with superior traffic intelligence by international market leader INRIX. RPT will greatly enhance routing during turn-by-turn navigation and displays additional color-coded information on the current traffic situation.

No need for paper maps. No matter where you are or where the journey takes you, the OpenStreetMap can be used anywhere.

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Available on the App Store Pilot™ Plan, file and fly with a comprehensive aviation app that puts full-featured navigation, weather, flight plan filing and electronic flight bag capabilities at your fingertips.

Sygic Google Maps Google Maps offers driving, transit, biking, and walking directions in hundreds of countries around the world. All four types of transit also support voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, and it’s all free. If you like to have options, Google Maps is one of the best when it comes to showing lots of routes, especially for transit, complete with ETAs.

Since Google is one of the most complete search engines in the world, it’s hands down the best when it comes to searching for businesses and attractions across the globe. If you want to be able to search points of interest, Google Maps provides the most accurate results. It’s also hard to beat in terms of public transit.

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UK, Ireland, Europe Features: Speed camera alerts, built-in traffic updates, Siri compatible, voice control, hands-free calls With all the features of a high-end Garmin navigation tool, such as hands-free control and voice-activated navigation, Garmin’s DriveAssist adds extra security with an on board dashcam to record footage should you ever get into an accident. It does, however, only feature a 30 minute battery life when unplugged.

Dec 26,  · I don’t actually use the sat Nav apps Google and CoPilot but do check in with Waze just for traffic reports at times and likewise the motorway really more for an idea of bad weather as i can see live conditions.

Lookers has you covered! Sat nav apps have really taken off in recent years, thanks to modern GPS capability in smartphones, free offerings from Google and Apple maps with added benefits such as street view, reviews from other users and much more! Add to that the fact that you can use them abroad and update them easily, you have a winning formula. Below we take a look at 5 of the best sat nav apps available on the market: Since Google Maps uses information that businesses provide for Google My Business, it can provide users with reviews, pictures, and menus from establishments.

Google Maps also provides users with live traffic data and can actively reroute to avoid traffic and get you to your location quicker. However, it’s worth noting that addresses provided by Google Maps can sometimes be inaccurate and send around you in circles and while offline maps are available the app itself requires internet data for full functionality.

Unfortunately for Apple, it was plagued by bugs and incorrect maps; however, Apple worked hard to iron out all the kinks and rolled out a completely overhauled version. Welcome to impressive 3D views of locations and accurate turn by turn navigation! Apple Maps is also compatible with its Apple watch which is growing in popularity.


We wanted to know if Sat Nav apps for smart phones could work just as well, and be cheaper than this for clients who want the additional confidence that a Sat Nav gives. The essential requirement for the smart phone apps is very simple: Nav Free uses Open Street Map Project, which uses updates from users around the country to gather the latest road information and adjust maps. Therefore there may be occasional errors in the maps — something to consider if you plan to go off the beaten track.

Download just the states that you need. Night mode is available to reduce glare when using at night.

I have a few questions about Sat Nav applications running on Android. Does the pre-installed sat nav app require a connection to the web? Does it operate in .

But there is some confusion among drivers on when, where and how to use a phone legally while in a car. Drivers using mobile phone on Jesmond Road in Newcastle We round-up the law below: When can you use your phone behind the wheel? It is illegal to use a handheld mobile phone when you are driving. You also can not use any internet-enabled device, such as a tablet.

The law still applies if you are stopped at lights or queuing in traffic. You are also not allowed to use your phone if you are parked up but your engine is running. There is one exception – drivers are allowed to pick up their phone while driving ONLY to call in an emergency, if it is unsafe or impractical to stop. Can I press buttons on my phone to answer a call or change music? What about sat navs, or using my phone as a sat nav? You can use your phone as a sat nav, but you can not touch it or reprogramme it while driving.

Using a sat nav while driving can be a factored in a careless or dangerous driving charge if it distracts you. A woman uses a satellite navigation device in a car I have a hands-free kit – can I use it? Yes, but you can not press a button on your phone to answer any call while driving.

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Published by Rafe Blandford at The new version, which will drop the current beta labelling, will reintroduce the traffic overview and My Commute features that were available in select markets in the Windows Phone 7. The increased availability of HERE Drive for non-Nokia devices does erode some of the differentiation advantages that Lumia devices enjoy over their Windows Phone competitors, but Nokia clearly sees it as more important to get more people using the Nokia location platform and to strengthen Windows Phone.

The more people are using our location offering the better it will get for everyone. At the same time this release also demonstrates our commitment to further strengthen the Windows Phone ecosystem with our maps assets.

The navigation directions on the Here app was great; rivaling or better than Google maps, particularly in those pesky traffic circles (turn now!). This allowed me to leave the Garmin at home and not have to worry about downloading area maps since I had a map of the entire country ‘on board’ the phone.

An offline app that uses its own quality maps is much better than those that require the internet and I have been experimenting with a range of free and paid apps over the last few years. I recently approached the makers of MetroView as the comments on the Play store seemed very good and they kindly provided a code for me to install their app and test it out. I have to say that I am actually very impressed.

My next surprise was hearing the great voice providing the guidance — a pleasant male or female voice with an Aussie accent — then I was stunned to hear the directions. This was a first for me and I was very impressed. This feature alone made using the app to navigate a much more pleasant and calm experience than other apps I have used. I was taken to my destination by the best route and the next pleasant surprise was that house numbers are displayed on the map.

The app assumed that I was finished with that trip as it had got me there and quietly continued displaying where I was and awaiting a new destination. Recalculating if I deliberately turned off the route to test this was very rapid too.